After months of hard work and dedication, Sonic Lounge, Columbus’s newest and best recording studio, is finally here. Sonically, SL rivals studios in LA, Nashville and NYC … but at half the price.

From the cathedral ceiling in the main room to the off angled control room, SL was designed with acoustic quality in mind. This was achieved by gutting an old AT&T switch house with 18” brick walls and a four-foot thick concrete foundation and starting from scratch. Sand filled walls separate Studio B from the two isolation booths, while the main control room sits on a floating floor with yet another isolation booth and separate machine room. This makes for a whisper quiet environment in which to mix and track.

SL feature’s an Amek Neve 9098i (serial number 007 – no lie) from Olympic Studios in London. It is one of only 13 such premier consoles in the world. In fact, Eric Clapton recorded his last album on this exact console.

Our Services

Our services include but are not limited to:


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