The best word to describe mixing at Sonic Lounge is “flexibility”.  Our 56 channel super-analog Amek/Neve 9098i is considered by many as one of the finest sounding consoles ever built. The equalizers are musical and precise.  The console features moving fader automation and Neve compressors, gates, and limiters on every channel.

Every knob, switch, and button is recallable, giving us the ability to mix in the analog domain and recall the settings later with pinpoint precision. We have four audio racks full of high-end gear to give you almost limitless options for coloring your sound. Combine the console and the outboard gear with the power and functionality of our plug-in packed ProTools system, and you have a double threat analog/digital hybrid second to none.


But don’t just take our word for it, the results speak for themselves: Sonic Lounge produced 8 Billboard charting singles in 2012.