Studio A:

The center piece of the Sonic Lounge A room is our Amek/Neve 9098i mixing console. The console is one of only 13 in the world and was brought in from the famous Olympic Studios in London, England. Many world famous artists have used this very board.IMG_2359

Featuring 48 Neve mic preamps, 56 Neve EQs, and 114 channels of Neve dynamics, recording through this console is a breath-taking experience. “Warm bottom end, shimmering highs, amazing width, depth and size”… these are a few of the analogies some of the best producers in the world have used to describe the tonal character of the 9098i.

But, it gets better. At Sonic Lounge we augmented our console with 28 channels of outboard mic preamps, EQs and compressors from the best names in the industry. It’s a collection of modern and vintage pieces that will bring out the best in your music. Combined with a massive microphone collection, you have access to a palette of sounds that is almost limitless.

Studio A features a large ambient main recording space with graduated ceilings from 25 feet to 12 feet, one large and two small isolation booths, and a spacious comfortable control room. The rooms sound as great as you would expect and can be tailored with portable acoustic treatments to mold them to your sound

Headphone monitoring is provided via personal mixing stations so each player can control his or her own monitor mix. Recording can be done digitally to ProTools or with our vintage Otari MTR90-II 24 track analog tape machine.

Extra instruments, amplifiers, and drum sets are available for rental if needed.

Studio B:


Studio B is a small, cozy suite attached to the large isolation booth of studio A. B is mainly used for single track overdubbing, editing, and MIDI production.

Any of studio A’s equipment (including channels on the console) can be patched to studio B, making it possible to utilize both rooms in the course of your project and maintain consistent audio chains. Studio B also features it’s own set of preamps and compressors. Studio B is digital only, and priced to extend your budget.